Full Conference - CNA Member

Early $990
Regular $1,185
Late $1,375
In order for the member fee to apply, the registrant's organization must be a member of the CNA at the time of the Conference.

Full Conference - Non-Member

Early $1,310
Regular $1,505
Late $1,630

Full Conference - Government

Early $990
Regular $1,185
Late $1,375

Full Conference - Academia

Early 990
Regular 1185
Late 1375

Full Conference - Indigenous Business

Early $490
Regular $590
Late $680

Full Conference - CNA Member Young Professional

Early $540
Regular $625
Late $715
To qualify for the rate, registrants must be 35 years old and over 19 years of age on February 27, 2024 and must provide proof of age. Please upload a copy of your passport, driver's license or letter from your organizations HR department.

Full Conference - Student

Early $350
Regular $425
Late $545

Full Conference - Retiree

Early $350
Regular $425
Late $545

Opening Reception Only

Early $250
Regular $250
Late $300
Excluding government

Opening Reception - Government

Early $195
Regular $195
Late $195

Bruce Power Supplier Forum Only

Early $250
Regular $250
Late $300
This registration entitles you to access the BPSF, admission into the Trade Show on February 28, 2024 only and the Opening Reception on February 28, 2024.

Seminar - CNA Member Conference Attendee

Early $120
Regular $120
Late $120

Seminar - Non-Member Conference Attendee

Early $150
Regular $150
Late $150

Registration for CNA2025 will be open in late 2024.


SCAM ALERT: CNA would like to warn delegates and exhibitors that the CNA Conference and Trade Show has been targeted by unknown companies offering bogus list of delegates attending the event. Please note that these entities are in no way affiliated with CNA or its official List of Participants, and the lists offered are inaccurate and compiled or acquired fraudulently and in contravention of data protection regulations, including CNA’s Privacy Policy. The use of our association name and show name by these companies has been made without our authorization. We therefore urge exhibitors and visitors to be cautious and encourage them to contact us when receiving these types of solicitations from unfamiliar sources.